Book Review: When it Will Rayne, It Will Pour by S. C. McCormack

When it will rayne book cover

when it will rayne it will pour book cover

Title: When it Will Rayne, It Will Pour
Author: S. C. McCormack
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance
Date of Publication: October 4, 2018
Publisher: Self-Published


Rayne Slater is a private investigator with a mysterious past. When she’s hired to infiltrate a lion-shapeshifter colony and isolate one of their members, Reese Donovan, she agrees, but only for the big paycheck.  She’s hesitant to be thrown back into a world that she escaped years ago, but this case forces her to face her demons.  When she develops feelings for her target, she has to make a big choice: and it’s not just between her client and her feelings, but about what she wants the rest of her life to look like.


When it will Rayne, it will Pour is written in a noir-like style that I enjoyed immensely.  The text needs editing (at least, the version I read), but it didn’t trip me up too much.

McCormack employs seamless transitions between present day and flashbacks that flesh out the story.  The author provides just enough information about Rayne’s past to leave the reader eagerly anticipating more.


This novel is very fast-paced, with several intense and well-written fight scenes. McCormack does not back down from graphic violence! While there are some gory bits, the violence not overdone, and every one of these scenes has its purpose in the plot (I’m not a big fan of gratuitous violence).

This book does have a lot of romance, which is not immediately evident from the beginning of the story or the novel’s blurb.  While I enjoyed the flirtatious dance between Rayne and her love interest, this might not be for everyone.

The ending of the book felt very abrupt and somewhat final; however, there were some avenues left unexplored, and I think there’s a strong chance that there will be at least one more instalment in this series.


Rayne is such a badass main character! If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you already know that this is one of my favourite things in a book. Rayne is strong, yet she has her vulnerabilities, which transforms her into a relatable character. She’s witty and does not back down from a fight—no matter the cost.  Rayne has interesting character development throughout this novel, but I won’t go into details, because this is a spoiler-free review!

Side characters are also well-fleshed out in this novel.  There is intriguing and well-thought-out character development for not only the main character, but for her love interest and side characters as well.

When it will rayne book cover

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an urban fantasy with a focus on shapeshifters that’s heavy on the romance.

*Thank you to the author for the ebook for review*


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