Book Review: Nobody Move by Philip Elliott

Nobody Move

Nobody Move Book Cover

Title: Nobody Move
Author: Philip Elliott
Series: Angel City # 1

Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Date of Publication: September 10, 2019
Publisher: Into the Void


When Eddie Vegas is sent to shake down a man who owes a lot of money to his employer, he makes a fatal error and ends up accidentally killing the guy.  Since Eddie’s boss now holds him personally responsible for repaying the $50,000, he takes off. Now, not only is Eddie on the run from his former boss and partners in crime, but the man he killed had allies that are out for blood. His blood.

My Thoughts

Nobody Move is a rocket-fast paced black-comedy thriller that I finished in just an evening.  It’s one of the books where I kept looking at the clock and saying “All right, I’ll read one more chapter”, and before I knew it, it was past my bedtime and I’d finished the book.

This novel reads like a noir thriller, particularly in the beginning.  Philip Elliott frequently references the movies that clearly inspired his style, like Pulp Fiction and the Godfather.  That said, I did get the feeling he was referencing movies a little too often.  It was humorous, however, that the bad guys were getting ideas for how to handle situations based on the movies they’d seen.  The book itself, including its plot and the way that Eddie keeps making foolish mistakes, reminds me a lot of the movie Fargo.  For example, some of the shadier characters tell little colourful anecdotes throughout the novel.  These little stories often have a hidden (or blatantly obvious) relevance to what’s going on and how the rest of the story will unfold.

Most of the characters are seedy and unlikeable, but Eddie Vegas is somewhat of an exception. He’s made horrible mistakes and done horrible things in his career, but he’s got a quality about him that makes him seem redeemable. Despite the sardonic nature of this thriller, the author combats some stereotypes, making the thugs more three-dimensional and interesting. That said, there’s a female cop named Alison in the book, and her scenes are much more down to earth.  I would have liked to have seen the humour from the other scenes bleed through into her chapters.  All in all, Nobody Move is a great, fun read.  The more deplorable characters eventually get what’s coming to them, and what more can you ask for in a good book?

Nobody Move

I recommend Nobody Move to anyone looking for a quick, fast-paced read with a morally grey protagonist making questionable decisions, a hint of romance, and lots of bloodshed.


*Thank you to Into the Void for the arc to review*

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