Book Review Policy

*Please note that my stance on romance has changed*

How to submit

If you have a book you would like me to review, please contact me through this website.  In your message, please provide:

  • information such as the title, publication date, genre
  • a link to the book description
  • format (ebook or physical copy)

What I review

I am currently accepting ARCs and finished copies. While I prefer physical copies, I will accept epub or mobi format ebooks.  I will accept self-published books at my own discretion.

I read widely, and there are not a lot of genres I won’t read. I only read adult, young adult, and new adult age categories.

Genres I prefer:

  • Dark Romance / Romantic suspense / paranormal romance / humorous romance
  • Horror
  • Mystery / crime / thriller
  • Fantasy / paranormal / supernatural
  • Soft science fiction

Genres I don’t generally read:

  • Historical fiction (unless there’s a fantasy / thriller element. Or time travel. I love genre-blending! There are some exceptions, of course–I love Kate Quinn’s books)
  • Literary fiction (depends on the hook)

Genres I won’t read:

  • Erotica* (Romance can definitely have lots of sexy stuff, I just won’t review books that are only sexy stuff. My mom reads this blog! 🙈)
  • Hard science fiction*

*If you have a hard science fiction / erotica, then we’re talking 😉

I will respond to all review requests as quickly as I can.

Content of Book Reviews

I provide my opinions on the book itself, the plot, the characters, the setting, and the language.  I’m candid about my opinions.  I avoid major spoilers, but it’s hard to write a review that’s entirely spoiler-free. (However, this depends on if you consider talking about character development, etc. a spoiler).  Reviews run from 400 – 1000 words.  Sometimes short and sweet hits the spot!

Reviews of books will be posted on this blog and on Goodreads.

If I receive a free copy of the book to review, I will state as such at the end of my review, in compliance with ethics and integrity and whatnot.

My Rating System


Wow this is an amazing book and everyone should drop what they’re doing and read it right now!


This is a really great book and you should finish what you’re doing and then read this book!

star starstar

This is a good book.  I enjoyed it, but there might have been one or two things that irked me.


I didn’t like this book. You might.  But I didn’t.


I’m not sure how I managed to finish this book. But I did.  Somehow…